Two weeks old!

It's hard to believe that they are already two weeks old! It's been a great two weeks - although we really haven't slept much since the 24th! Noah & Ava are doing well, both are gaining weight and seem to be growing constantly. They are becoming more and more alert and we are starting to see some of their personalities come out.

Forrest returned home this week and seems to be adjusting well. I'm sure it was a big shock for him to leave and come back to a completely rearranged apartment with two newborns. I tried to warn him but I don't think he really understood the whole pregnancy thing! They also had their first visitor, Uncle Daniel who is also Forrest's favorite dogsitter (I apologize to all other dogsitters reading this but it is true :)

We'll try to get a video of Ava up soon but for now, enjoy Noah hamming it up!

This week's flickr set:

Aunt Laura & Noah



First Halloween

Hanging out with Forrest

Their first visitor

Ava & Grandpa

Ava & Yia Yia

Ava smiling


  1. Hahaha Forrest seems confused, yet still protective.

    And that last picture of Ava is too much to handle. A+ for making adorable babies

  2. I can't take the cuteness. I'm sorry ~ but, could they BE any more beautiful? We CANNOT WAIT to meet them! I can't wait for ours to show up!

  3. Oh, my gosh! The babies are absolutely beautiful and adorable! Looks like everyone is having fun taking care of them! Hope you are getting some rest in between feedings! Love you guys -

  4. Very cute kiddos! Hope you all are adjusting well :)

  5. I think I need to visit again, I realized my arms got a work out holding them - and it may be a good thing! :)

    Hit me up if you every need anything, TJ run or some good ol' dining hall food, as well as other things...

    PS: If forrest needs a vacay, Gramercy always has a vacancy for him!