Visiting Colorado

A few weeks ago we had the joy of going to CO for our friends' Robyn & Joe's wedding. We don't have any pictures from the wedding because I used Robyn & Joe's camera instead of mine. It was great fun. Both our families stayed in a gorgeous house that we rented in Breckenridge. The twins were loving life with four grandparents, a great-grandma, an aunt & uncle, and tons of friends to hold them and play with them. Needless to say, the first few days back were pretty rough - when we had to explain that we couldn't hold them every waking moment of the day! :)

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(Thanks for the hat Aunt Lisa!)

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The Godparents: many people and cultures have different definitions of Godparents. We see Godparents as being people who can add extra guidance and direction as our kids grow into adults. So you all probably already know that we asked T'Errance to be the twin's Godfather a while back. After lots of praying and thinking, we asked Erin if she would be their Godmother. We love Erin & are so excited for to watch her interact with the twins as they grow.

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Ava & Noah loved hanging out with all of our friends.

Aunt Lisa:
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Aunt Beth, Uncle Stephen & Avery:
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What we've been up to

Here are few snapshots of what the twins have been doing over the last few weeks:

They've been cuddling:
Nap 002

Noah was listening to Appa's heartbeat or putting out the vibe - we'll let you decide which:
Nap 045

Ava discovered her reflection:
Nap 046

They've been eating lots of ceral & veggies... and drinking water from a soju glass:
Nap 072

Ava is learning to sit, stand, and crawl. She is also plotting her escape from her crib:
Nap 087

Nap 300

Nap 257

Nap 131

Noah is learning to sit, stand & is munching away on his teether - but no teeth yet!
Nap 170

Nap 249

Nap 230

Nap 174

We also had our first trip to the park!
Nap 214

Nap 155

Nap 179

Nap 201