What we've been up to

Here are few snapshots of what the twins have been doing over the last few weeks:

They've been cuddling:
Nap 002

Noah was listening to Appa's heartbeat or putting out the vibe - we'll let you decide which:
Nap 045

Ava discovered her reflection:
Nap 046

They've been eating lots of ceral & veggies... and drinking water from a soju glass:
Nap 072

Ava is learning to sit, stand, and crawl. She is also plotting her escape from her crib:
Nap 087

Nap 300

Nap 257

Nap 131

Noah is learning to sit, stand & is munching away on his teether - but no teeth yet!
Nap 170

Nap 249

Nap 230

Nap 174

We also had our first trip to the park!
Nap 214

Nap 155

Nap 179

Nap 201


  1. I can't get over what gorgeous babies you guys have!! I love them! You get such great pics of them...they're getting so big!

  2. Too cute! Did you make it to Central Park or is that a different park? Look's like Ava might be a crib escaper like her Aunt!

  3. That little Noah is such a 'mini-Nathan'. He reminds me sooooo much of his daddy!

  4. I can't get over how beautiful they are! I'm the happiest uncle on earth!