Ava rolled over!!!

Just wanted to share with you all that Ava rolled over from her front to her back yesterday! It was so exciting. We had an assisted roll over in the afternoon so I knew it would be soon that she did it on her own so we waited for her Appa (dad) to come home and low and behold - she rolled over right before our eyes! It took her about 5 minutes but she did it all by herself! We are so proud!!! :) Here is a picture of her working on her push ups - although she's not too happy about it!

Ava lifting her head up!

Noah has had some great smiles so we wanted to share that too!

Noah's smiles

Ava: "How you doin?"
Picture 356

Merry Christmas!

This has been the best Christmas that Nathan and I could have ever asked for! Thank you all for your love & support this year. Noah and Ava are so lucky to have been born into such an amazing network of friends and family!



Picture 248

Noah's stocking

I was born the day after Christmas so there were still Christmas decorations up at the hospital when I was born. My parents loved the giant stockings at the hospital so they brought one home and put me in it. Twenty-nine years later, I'm posting pictures of my babies in the very same stocking. Life sure is amazing!

Katrina in stocking

The best Christmas present!

Who's baby is it anyway?

Everyone keeps asking us who looks like who so we thought it might be fun to post some pictures of us as babies and you can decide! We think that it changes on a daily basis! :)

If you need some more pics of the twins to decide: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25323000@N02/sets/72157622922093374/


Nathan at hospital






Katrina with mom


Nathan in bath


Katrina 2


Nathan photo shoot


Katrina on couch


This has been our first week on our own and I am happy to say that we are doing well. We're all a bit tired but doing well. It's been fun trying to figure out how to do things and making things work. The kids, Forrest and I even made it to Babies R Us on our own! But really, most days we just sit around looking at the twins. Who needs cable when you've got twins right?

Picture 001

Picture 090

Picture 097

Picture 099