Hangin' Out

For those of you who didn't know yet, Nathan quit his job about 3 weeks ago. He immediately found new work in a much more rewarding environment with lots of great benefits and a constantly growing clientele... in other words, he's a stay at home dad now! He says its a good thing he has a sugar momma! :)

We also want to thank Laura, Erin, my mom & Ellen for coming out in March to babysit. We couldn't have done it without you!

Here are some fun pics from the last few weeks:

Noah & Ava love their Aunt Laura!

Picture 019

Two very happy babies with Aunt Erin:

Aunt Erin with the twins

Nap time:

Picture 568

Picture 003

Picture 030

Picture 296

Picture 283

(This is what happens when you fall asleep on your hands)

Best seats in the house:

Picture 112

Picture 209

Hanging out with Uncle David:

Picture 119

Thanks for the snazzy new outfits Uncle David:

Picture 162

Mommy's little girl:

Picture 277

Mommy's little monster:

Picture 238

Learning to share:

Picture 258

As always, check out Flickr for more pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25323000@N02/sets/72157623644988983/

Oh how we've grown!

The twins turned 5 months about two weeks ago so in honor of this, I wanted to post some pictures to put in perspective how quickly they've grown. We didn't do very well with taking the same picture every month but I tried to include pictures that all took place in the same general place like their bouncy chair or on the monkey blanket.

The first weeks:

Picture 1710
Noah & Ava resting in inflatable neck pillows

Their new crib
Noah & Ava swaddled in the crib

1 Month Old:
Forrest standing guard


Two Months Old:
Picture 076

Three Months Old:
Week 12

Four Months Old:
Picture 217

Five Months Old:
Picture 434

Noah talking to Harabuhji

Picture 036
Noah & Ava in the same neck pillows!

Happy Easter!

Picture 050

Picture 056

Picture 053

Picture 074

Picture 091