Oh how we've grown!

The twins turned 5 months about two weeks ago so in honor of this, I wanted to post some pictures to put in perspective how quickly they've grown. We didn't do very well with taking the same picture every month but I tried to include pictures that all took place in the same general place like their bouncy chair or on the monkey blanket.

The first weeks:

Picture 1710
Noah & Ava resting in inflatable neck pillows

Their new crib
Noah & Ava swaddled in the crib

1 Month Old:
Forrest standing guard


Two Months Old:
Picture 076

Three Months Old:
Week 12

Four Months Old:
Picture 217

Five Months Old:
Picture 434

Noah talking to Harabuhji

Picture 036
Noah & Ava in the same neck pillows!

Happy Easter!

Picture 050

Picture 056

Picture 053

Picture 074

Picture 091


  1. Oh my goodness, Noah and Ava are so adorable in their Easter outfits! They are sure getting big quickly. Thanks for sharing the cute pictures!

  2. I can't believe how quickly they've grown! I wish we were closer to enjoy it all together.
    The Easter outfits are too cute!!!
    Skype soon?!

  3. Oh, they are TOO CUTE!! I love the Easter pictures! What adorable babies:)

  4. Ok, so is it just me or are those two spitting images of their parents? Really, Noah looks just like Nathan... especially when he looks too freakin happy for his own good. And Ava has Katrina's eyes... no doubt. She looks so put together. I think that she is going to be the bossy one. :) I hope to meet them before they are in high school. haha

  5. Wow, I've forgotten how much different they looked when they were born! The Easter outfits are the best. I'm having withdrawals already and I don't think its even been a month since I last saw them!