Crib Shenanigans

We've posted some pictures before of Ava and Noah in the crib, cuddled up together. What probably wasn't clear was that this cuddling was happening on their own accord! We always put them at least a few inches apart, often a few feet apart, and they somehow find each other during the night. Occasionally one tries harder than the other but overall, they are both seeking each other. Last night, as soon as we put Ava in the crib, she started squirming all around and getting fussy. As soon as Noah joined her, all was peaceful again! (As peaceful as two 13 week babies can be!)

They are both sleeping pretty well these days. Ava had her first 7 hour stretch a few weeks ago and three nights ago Noah had a 6.5 hour stretch. I think our bodies are actually having a harder time adjusting to the sleep than they are!

January 25, 11 pm:
1/25: 11 pm

January 26, 6 am (note that they switched sides of the crib):
1/26: 6:00 am

Last night (1/26), 11 pm:
1/26: 11 pm

This morning, 6 am:
1/27: 6:00 am

Repositioned them at 6:30 am, found them like this at 10 am (note that Ava had to completely flip around for this one):
1/27: 10 am


The twins have had a lot of visitors over the last month and have even done some visiting themselves! We've gotten much more comfortable taking them places which has been exciting. We're starting to feel like we can enjoy life in the city again! We are still limited because a lot of our favorite hole in the wall places won't fit the amazing double stroller that we got through our friends the Stroups but we are adjusting and adapting. They are also starting to sleep in longer stretches so that is making life so much easier!!!

There are more pics on the flickr:

The Stroups:
The Stroups & Lees

Livia, Noah & Ava during tummy time

Great-Grandma Helen (Katrina's Grandma), Aunt Laura & Great-grandma Katherine (Katrina's Great Aunt):
Picture 189

Picture 208

Noah & his great-grandma

Their first trip to a restaurant!
Picture 265

Grandma & Aunt Katherine:
Picture 284

Attempted kid-napping:
Noah's travel arrangements

The Bruces:
Picture 321

Picture 452

Picture 355

The Bruces & Lees - take 1