Photo shoots

If you haven't noticed, we take a lot of pictures... here are some more for your viewing pleasure :) Thanks to Laura for her recent babysitting and photo shoots!!!

Noah's ears:
Picture 615

Good things come in twos!
Picture 634

Holding hands:
Holding Hands

Ava's pretty dress:
Picture 007

Picture 003

So excited!
Picture 051

Cuddle time:
Picture 167

Picture 189

Picture 154

Noah taking a snooze:
Picture 235

Noah examining the rattles:
Picture 241

Ava's cute feet:
Picture 254

Ava on the playmat:
Picture 296

Noah's cute profile:
Picture 323

A very tired Noah:
A very tired Noah

Ava on the Intrepid:
Picture 365

Ava is all smiles!
Picture 271

Forrest's photo shoot:
Forrest's "action" photo

Picture 303

The Godfather

Towards the end of February Noah & Ava's godfather, T'Errance came to New York. We met T'Errance in college and have known him for almost 11 years! We are so excited to see what he will teach Ava & Noah and the influence he will have on their lives.

Picture 554

Our first bus ride!
New Image4

New Image

Ava & Noah's first dim sum:
New Image5

Ava in her Peruvian hat:
New Image1

Noah in his Peruvian hat:
New Image2

Our first plane ride

A little over a month ago we took our very first trip as a family. First we went to Florida where Katrina presented at a conference. Then we went to Colorado to visit family and friends before Katrina's maternity leave ended. You already saw the Baek-il pictures but here are some more from our trip.

For more pics:

Here are some of our fun pics from the trip:

On the beach:
Appa & Noah on the beach

Mommy & Ava on the beach

Hanging out in the hotel:
Playing at the hotel

On our way to dinner:
On St. Pete beach

Katrina's presentation with Melissa Tihinen:
Picture 023

In Colorado:

In Denver International Airport:

Hanging out with Lisa, Robyn & Joe at Beth & Stephen's place:
Picture 084

Picture 090

Meeting the Barnetts:
Carol & Ava

Tara, Carol & Noah

Jerry & Noah

Alyza & Ava meeting

Ava & Tucker seeing eye to eye:
Sloppy kisses


Noah's horse:
Noah's Horse

On the way back to NYC:
On the way back to NYC