Family traits

It has been so fun to see the twins interact with each other. Uncle Chris & Aunt Ruth got us a great video camera to help us capture these moments for the twins. Thanks Miltiades family! Ironically, one of the first moments we recorded reminded me so much of their son, my cousin Steven. When he was young, he used to sit in my lap and reach up and hold my ear while he was sucking his thumb. While we were in the hospital, Ava found Noah's ear and was so calmed by it.

The Arrival of Noah & Ava

Around 7 am I got up to use the bathroom. Nathan was up and all of the sudden we heard what sounded like a bubble pop followed by a gush of water. We both thought, "no, this can't be it, we're just being paranoid." I stood up and realized that it was indeed my water breaking and we were going to have two kids by the end of the day! That's when the Lamaze breathing came in handy! :)

We got to the hospital around 8 am and by 10 am I was being rolled back for the c-section (baby boy was breech and baby girl was oblique so that was our only option). It was not a pleasant experience but everything went well. My mom & my sister were both in town to help me with being on bedrest so it was such a blessing to have them there for the twins arrival also.

Noah HyoSung Anderson Lee was born at 10:46 and Ava SunMi Nicole Lee was born at 10:47. Noah was 5 lbs 6 oz, 19 inches long and Ava was 5 lbs 2 oz, 18 3/4 long. They both got a 9 out of 10 on their Apgar score (overall health/reaction/color scores for newborns) which is amazing since they were so early and the hospital never gives out 10s! They got to hang out with us in the recovery room for a bit and then met us upstairs. We were in the hospital until Tuesday.

Here are a few pics & a video that the anesthesiologist was able to take on his I-phone and show me since I wasn't able to see the twins yet. There are many more pics on our flickr site :)

Arriving at the hospital

Laura & I in the recovery room

Picture 1415



Picture 1475

Mom & Umma

Twin Pregnancy

I didn't think we would ever do a Blog, actually, I think I swore not to. But given that we want to keep you all updated on Noah & Ava, I finally gave in! :) So here goes:

We first found out we were pregnant in March. We were excited and overwhelmed - especially as we found out that three of our dearest friends were also expecting. Our first doctor's appointment was just a blur. We don't remember much of anything after she said "ummm... do twins run in your family?" The pregnancy was a tough journey but overall, I was healthy throughout. We had a preterm labor scare at 32 weeks but they were able to stop that through some meds and bedrest. Here are some pictures of my ever growing belly. Check out our flickr page for more:


11 Weeks 2



Week 27

Pre-term labor scare - Week 32

Last Ultrasound - Week 35