Twin Pregnancy

I didn't think we would ever do a Blog, actually, I think I swore not to. But given that we want to keep you all updated on Noah & Ava, I finally gave in! :) So here goes:

We first found out we were pregnant in March. We were excited and overwhelmed - especially as we found out that three of our dearest friends were also expecting. Our first doctor's appointment was just a blur. We don't remember much of anything after she said "ummm... do twins run in your family?" The pregnancy was a tough journey but overall, I was healthy throughout. We had a preterm labor scare at 32 weeks but they were able to stop that through some meds and bedrest. Here are some pictures of my ever growing belly. Check out our flickr page for more:


11 Weeks 2



Week 27

Pre-term labor scare - Week 32

Last Ultrasound - Week 35

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  1. I am now 17 weeks pregnant with my twins and i feel like i have no one to talk to was hoping to get some advice from you