Family traits

It has been so fun to see the twins interact with each other. Uncle Chris & Aunt Ruth got us a great video camera to help us capture these moments for the twins. Thanks Miltiades family! Ironically, one of the first moments we recorded reminded me so much of their son, my cousin Steven. When he was young, he used to sit in my lap and reach up and hold my ear while he was sucking his thumb. While we were in the hospital, Ava found Noah's ear and was so calmed by it.


  1. Katrina and Nathan :)

    Thanks for sharing your blog...
    ...the twins are beautiful.

  2. I'm so glad you 'gave in' and started a blog. I too said 'no, no, no' but now...I'm hooked.

    Noah and Ava look absolutely beautiful. They look plump (relatively speaking!) and healthy. I'm so glad that they are doing well.

    And, I love the daddy bonding video of Ava holding Noah's ear. Those kind of twin bonds are amazing to watch.

    Now, stop reading this and go take a little snooze!

  3. SOOOO happy for you! Nathan's comment of happiest moment actually made me well up a bit. I thought I was watching Oprah! Congrats and let me know if you need anything. I'm just a street away! :)