Ava has been trying to say some words for the past week or so. Today she officially said "saja" which is lion in Korean. Nathan was telling her about the animals by the changing table and she really picked up on saja. This isn't the first time she's heard the word but certainly not something she hears every day. A little bit later she said "no" which I'm sure won't be fun to hear later on!

We also picked up a Motown for babies CD from the library. I'm not sure how it's any different than Motown for adults but either way, they loved it!


Up till now, Noah and Ava have said Appa (daddy), Mama, and Da (dog). They are pretty accurate with who gets called what but we haven't had any non-name related words... until today that is!

*Yobosayo is how you answer the phone in Korean.

Funny things

The twins have been cracking me up lately. Yesterday I was holding both of them and Noah took Ava's foot in both his hands and brought it up to his nose and smelled it. He did this over and over again until all three of us were cracking up. The day before, Ava decided that since Noah was eating his snack while sitting on the pillow, she should join him and so she sat in his lap. As you can see from the pictures below, it didn't go quite according to plan. They love looking under the couch for cheerios, they make so many funny (and dramatic) faces, and they both tried to walk Forrest this weekend. They also like to try to put on and take off clothing. Noah has mastered unzipping his jacket and Ava is a pro at putting on hats. However, we are having some issues with socks. Thanks to Appa (daddy), they think that socks can either go on your hands or your feet. Thanks Nathan. And of course, the adventures in food continue.

In other news, every time Facebook posts an update to their privacy agreements, I get more and more sketched out. So we will no longer be linking our blog to our Facebook. Call me paranoid but it's a simple fix. So if you want to see pictures of the kids, I'll try to update our blog more regularly!

January 18 1 (2)

January 18 1 (5)

January 18 1 (7)

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January 16 (34)

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