New photos

I just uploaded a huge batch to flickr: And as you all know, I love comments, so don't be shy :)

Here are a few of my favs:

We'll call this the "what was mommy thinking?" section. Blueberry pancakes for breakfast? Pasta for lunch? How many baths can a kid get in one day?

February 3 (11)

February 10 (1)

Ava loves to accessorize.
February 11 (20)

January 27 (2)

Aunt Laura & Uncle Roy came to visit then the next weekend Uncle T'Errance came to visit!
February 4 (149)

February 4 (127)

February 14 (15)

Playing around:
February 4 (42)

Ava's got a lot to see at the museum!
February 4 (92)

Noah's studious look:
February 4 (117)

Ava's flirty look:
February 4 (135)

What a nice hug!
February 7 (48)

My absolute favs?

Doesn't get much better than that!