How Twins play peek-a-boo

It has been a big couple of days in the Lee household. Ava is practically crawling! Noah said "momma"! This was very exciting but since Nathan recently changed his name to "blah blah" and Noah said that a few days ago, I apparently didn't win the momma/dadda race.

They are also entertaining each other quite well. As you can see in the video below, Ava was just cracking up the other day. She thought Noah was the funniest person she's ever met. And he thought she was pretty hysterical too!

Ava is on the right, Noah is on the left

Happy Mother's Day!

I must say, my first Mother's Day has been wonderful. I never thought I would relish this mommy-hood business so much, but I do. I couldn't hope for anything better. We have been truly blessed. And now I'm going to do what all mommies do... force you to look at pictures of my perfect babies! :)

The twins just started their first solids a few weeks ago (rice cereal). Noah was ready:
Picture 004

Ava was not:
Picture 010

They are still very messy:
Picture 136

Picture 143

They are getting better at sitting up and they love hanging out with Forrest:
Picture 018

Picture 027

Hanging out with Mommy:
Picture 072

Picture 147

Mother's Day!
Picture 174

Picture 186

Picture 477

Picture 378

Picture 194

Picture 197

Picture 511

I hope that all the other mothers out there had a fabulous day too!