So funny

Ava is one happy baby!

Please pardon our mess and my lovely hair-do! :)

The monkey has officially been caught

Noah caught the monkey last night! We were very excited for this milestone for him! Yay Noah!

Thank you all for celebrating these moments with us!

The real action takes place around the 1 minute 30 seconds mark. Enjoy!

Noah's been dancing in the park with Forrest...

Or at least that's what he told their godfather, T'Errance. Sorry the lighting is pretty bad but you can tell how excited Noah is!

Ava caught the monkey!

They have these bouncy chairs that they spend a good portion of their day in because they are convenient for mommy and comfortable for them and so cute! About 2 weeks ago, Ava reached for and grabbed the hippo but of course, it was during the 5 minutes I was out of the apartment walking the dog (Nathan was home). But today, she caught the monkey! Yay!!!

The most exciting stuff happens in the last 30 seconds or so of each video.


Happy 100 Days!

Noah & Ava celebrated their Baek-il, or first 100 days! They actually got to celebrate twice - once on January 31st, their actual 100th day and once on February 11th, with family in Colorado. What lucky kids!

Their Baek-il is a Korean tradition to celebrate the child's health during the first 100 days. It is a tradition that stems from times when healthcare was not widely available and children were not introduced to friends and extended family until they were 100 days old. The celebration and feast is supposed to give the child luck and signify a long, healthy, prosperous life. They wear traditional han-boks as it is their official introduction to family and friends. Daniel got us gorgeous han-boks from LA. They've even got room for them to grow into them! :)

In honor of their Baek-il, I thought this may also be a good time to share what their full names mean:

Noah HyoSung Anderson Lee
Noah: We chose Noah because we liked it and it seemed to fit him.
HyoSung: Hyo means to honor your parents and Sung is a family name - David's name is HakSung and their cousin in Korea's name is HakSeung.
Anderson: Katrina's maiden name.

Ava SunMi Nicole Lee
Ava: The name Ava came to us at about 3 am one night in the hospital and it really seems to fit her.
SunMi: SunMi is the name of a Korean queen and Nathan's mom's name is Son so it is very similar.
Nicole: Nicole is Katrina's middle name, a variation of Nicholas which was the name of her Grandfather's name and is her cousin's name.

Baek-il NYC
Baek-il (Korean 100 Day Celebration) NYC
Our feast

Baek-il (Korean 100 Day Celebration) NYC
The seats of honor

Baek-il (Korean 100 Day Celebration) NYC
Don't they look happy?

Baek-il (Korean 100 Day Celebration) NYC
Chris Wong, Nathan & Noah, David Kim

Baek-il (Korean 100 Day Celebration) NYC
Ava & Joanna holding hands... or fingers :)

Baek-il (Korean 100 Day Celebration) NYC
Nekesa, Audrey, Jenn

Baek-il (Korean 100 Day Celebration) NYC
Ava & mommy

Baek-il (Korean 100 Day Celebration) NYC
Noah says thanks for the awesome outfit Uncle Daniel!

Baek-il Colorado
The Baek-il feast!
Our feast!

The Baek-il feast!
More food!

Baek-il Colorado
Happy Baek-il!

Baek-il Colorado
Queen Ava

Baek-il Colorado

Baek-il Colorado

Baek-il Colorado
All of the Lees

Baek-il Colorado
The Andersons & Lees

Baek-il Colorado
All the Grandparents

Baek-il Colorado

Baek-il Colorado

Baek-il Colorado
Proud Aunt & Uncle

Baek-il Colorado

Baek-il Colorado
Mike Rosenhahn & Erin Lackey

Other things we did in January

Aside from having lots of visitors and growing soooo much, we:

prepared for our next boxing match.

It's the eye of the tiger... :)

pretended we were frogs.



and bears.

Picture 067

cheered for the Jets.

Go Jets!

Go Jets!

practiced our smiles.

Picture 549

Picture 622

had a few cranky moments.

Picture 794

practiced sucky our thumbs.

Picture 716

and got a lot of diaper changes.

Picture 752

Overall, it was an excellent month!

Sweet Dreams

We are a little behind on blogging but now that our travels to Florida and Colorado are done, I'm hoping to get some updates out. These are a few quick videos that we took about a month ago and that I hope you find entertaining.

The first one is of Ava and Noah sleeping. Nathan and I spent the morning watching babies sleep and wondering what their dreams look like. I have a couple theories but I'll let you come up with your own :)

People often ask us if we can see the differences in their personalities. Sometimes it's difficult but other times, it is so clear. The video below is the two of them waking up about 1 month ago. As you can see, Noah is not a morning person where as Ava is happy to just hang out until we're ready to get going.