Happy Mother's Day!

I must say, my first Mother's Day has been wonderful. I never thought I would relish this mommy-hood business so much, but I do. I couldn't hope for anything better. We have been truly blessed. And now I'm going to do what all mommies do... force you to look at pictures of my perfect babies! :)

The twins just started their first solids a few weeks ago (rice cereal). Noah was ready:
Picture 004

Ava was not:
Picture 010

They are still very messy:
Picture 136

Picture 143

They are getting better at sitting up and they love hanging out with Forrest:
Picture 018

Picture 027

Hanging out with Mommy:
Picture 072

Picture 147

Mother's Day!
Picture 174

Picture 186

Picture 477

Picture 378

Picture 194

Picture 197

Picture 511

I hope that all the other mothers out there had a fabulous day too!


  1. Happy Mother's Day! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Everytime I think they couldn't get any cuter, they do!
    Funny that they start dribbling food everywhere and suddenly Forrest finds them very interesting!

  2. I'm speechless...that is just so amazing! I agree with aunt Laura too!

  3. The babes look so big! Glad that you are enjoying motherhood so. They grow too fast!