Ava rolled over!!!

Just wanted to share with you all that Ava rolled over from her front to her back yesterday! It was so exciting. We had an assisted roll over in the afternoon so I knew it would be soon that she did it on her own so we waited for her Appa (dad) to come home and low and behold - she rolled over right before our eyes! It took her about 5 minutes but she did it all by herself! We are so proud!!! :) Here is a picture of her working on her push ups - although she's not too happy about it!

Ava lifting her head up!

Noah has had some great smiles so we wanted to share that too!

Noah's smiles

Ava: "How you doin?"
Picture 356


  1. Oh, how exciting! She is so advanced for her age!
    Noah smiling reminds me so much of Nathan's smile! Thanks for sharing the pictures and the news! Happy New Year to you!

  2. Wow - Ava must be gifted! Haha. And, we just said to each other, "Noah looks just like Nathan!" :)

  3. NYE in the big city was fun. Coming home to pics of some cute babies...priceless! Made my evening :)