Happy First Thanksgiving!

Ava & Noah had a great first Thanksgiving! Their Uncle David flew out to surprise us so we spent the holiday with him and with Harabuji (Grandpa) and Haramuni (Grandma). Here are some pics from the holiday and the last week or so. As always, check out our flickr for more :)


Their first Thanksgiving!
Thanks to Nekesa for the "first Thanksgiving" bibs!

Lauren, Michelle & Chris

Picture 2523

Picture 2674


Picture 2599


  1. Noah and Ava are so, so sweet! Seriously, they are such beautiful babies!!! I want to hold them. I love the picture where they're wearing the hooded fleeces. And the one with you guys holding them by the window is cute too.
    How'd you like that Thanksgiving Broncos game??? Go Broncos!!:)

  2. Yah Thanksgiving bibs! Ok, I think I'm over my fear and MUST meet them :)