What's in a name?

Noah seems to refuse to call Ava by her name, except when we ask him to say something directly to her, i.e. "Noah, say 'thank you Ava.'"

If he's really upset he says "NO ZaZa!"
If she's calling him or they are just playing, he says "Coming Nana!"
If he wants her to do something, he says "Sit here Noah!"

She doesn't seem to mind at all. She'll answer to all four options from him.


Ava has decided that Santa does not exist. I am somewhat heartbroken as I think this is way to young of an age for Santa to be out of the picture! Here's how our conversation went yesterday:

Me: Ava, is Santa going to come to our house?
Ava: No. No Santa! Auntie coming?
Me: No, sweetie, Auntie isn't coming for Christmas. Is Santa coming?
Ava: No Santa! Royeee coming?

I think I made a little headway today when I explained that Santa brings toys. So now she at least says "Santa coming with toys?" but if I ask her anything about Santa, the responses is still "No Santa!"

I'll try to post some pictures later but for now... nap time!!!

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