Funny things twins do... or at least that Noah & Ava do

They have started gathering some very funny habits, some of which we are not condoning but that doesn't mean that they aren't funny!

1. Since Ava is potty trained and Noah is still in training, they spend a lot of time on the potties together. Whenever they go #2, the other one gets up, looks at their sibling's potty full of #2 and goes "Wow! Wow!" If only we all got that kind of encouragement every time we went potty!

2. Ava is definitely in charge around here. If I ask Noah to come to me, he doesn't even pretend to have heard me. If Ava says "come here Noah" he says ok and goes running. Thanks buddy.

3. We are obsessed with bugs. Noah is a great bug tracker and Ava is a great bug screamer. Anytime there is a bug, Ava stands on a pile of books or on the chair and yells "bug" and Noah walks around clapping his hands after the bug (Appa's killed a few this way but Noah doesn't seem to understand that you have to catch the bug to kill it...). On another bug note (and no, we don't have an infestation or anything), Nathan killed a bug the other day and said it went night night so Ava asked if she could give it a "boh boh" or kiss before it went night night. I thought you were scared of bugs???

4. They love helping each other get dressed. If Ava is running around naked, Noah finds her "big girl undies" and holds them out for her to step into. It has yet to work.

Of course these are the funny moments, which in the blink of an eye turn into a yelling, hair pulling, biting wrestling match but we'll take what we can get.

We posted more pics on Flickr and they are darn cute, if I do say so myself.


Here's a sampling of the great pictures that Auntie Laura took:

October 12 L (9)

October 12 L (11)

October 12 L (14)

October 12 L (15)

November 11 L (10)

November 11 L (14)


  1. Love all the photos! Just posting so you know I'm still reading :).

  2. Auntie Laura took amazing pictures. Granted she did have some fabulous models!!!