Those crazy kids!

On a happy note, Noah and Ava have been cracking me up lately. Here are just a few of their antics:

I tied Ava's hair up yesterday and Noah insisted that I tie his up as well. I figured I'd let him wear it for as long as he wanted. So we went to the grocery store where the cashier commented about how beautiful my two girls are. He later lathered up his whale spout with banana which made for a rockin mohawk when I took the hair tie out.

I took Ava on a "date" a couple weeks back and Appa and Noah stayed home and hung out. I put her in the carrier and her weight kept pulling down my shirt so I kept pulling it up. Now anytime I wear a remotely low cut shirt (you all know how provocative my wardrobe is), Ava reaches up, pulls my shirt up and holds it together. Thanks Ava!

They are now clear on the "no biting" idea but now everything that hurts them is a bite. So one of them bonks their head, all I hear from both of them is biiiiite! but I can't find a single bite mark.

They are quickly developing their vocabulary in their own twins language. Ava just told Noah "bee bo be ba" and he came and sat down next to her. If only I could crack the code!

Noah decided that Ava should give him a piggy back ride. It went about as well as you'd expect:

Ava is quite the little climber:

June 30 2011 (50)

They are not fans of club soda!

They love running around Appa's office though!




  1. I thought having one toddler around kept things pretty dang interesting...I can't imagine two;) They are adorable!

  2. Loving the soda water and running in conference room pics!

  3. Absolutely love these pictures. One of my absolute faves is the one on the bottom through the windows. ADORABLE :)