Growing pains

I apologize in advance for the sappy post. I never thought I would be a sappy parent. I used to laugh at those TV shows where parents uncover a random box of clothing that the kid has long since outgrown and they proceed to tear up as they reminisce about how little their obnoxious teenager used to be. Seriously, who does that? Well, apparently I do. I mean, they clearly aren't obnoxious teenagers (yet) but they are growing up so fast! We just sold their infant car seats and while I was just cursing the amount of space they were taking up in our ever so tiny apartment, watching the new dad walk away with our car seats made me a little sad. I also must admit that I haven't parted with a single item of clothing since they've been born. Yes, in a one bedroom apartment with little to no space to spare, I am hoarding their baby stuff. I also have rattles they never played with, shoes they never wore, blankets that they never slept under. Why, you may ask, would I store all this useless stuff? No, I'm not planning on having more kids anytime soon. No, I am not going to create a giant pop-up scrapbook to show them when they graduate college. Honestly, I have no idea why. All I know is that I want my car seats back! Or perhaps I want my babies to still fit in infant car seats, not the giant toddler ones. Or perhaps motherhood is making me go bonkers. In any case, they are growing up fast and while I am relieved that they now sleep through the night, feed themselves and can kinda play on their own, I know that by the time they are embarrassed to be seen with me, I will truly miss having cuddly adorable babies.

June 30 2011 (13)

June 30 2011 (4)

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