Preparing for Irene

For those of you who are concerned, we are ready for the hurricane. We have lots of water, food, batteries, etc. We're staying put because of all of our evac options, we still appear to be better off at home and we aren't in a zone that they would ask to evac anyways. If we lose internet this weekend, my sister will update Facebook and the blog with any updates that we can get to her. That being said, we are preparing for the worst but expecting the best. Usually when there is this big of a hype, it ends up not being a big deal. Let's hope for that!

Now that's out of the way, here are some pics from the last few weeks.

First, we went to New Haven to meet our friends the Stroups & the Pohlenzs. We didn't have much time for pictures but we had a lot of fun. (The extra kid is Jonas, Seth's son).

July 12 2011 (9)

We also went to Ellen & Jack's house in NJ. Ellen and my mom grew up together and they have been so good to us. It was great to see them and their daughter, Christine. The kids loved the open space & Forrest was acting like a puppy again!




There are TONS more pictures on our Flickr. Including pics with Uncle T'Errance and fun pics with bubbles and more that I was going to add but the internet is super slow right now so if you want to see more, you can check out the pics at:


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