We were fortunate enough to get to go to Colorado for 3 weeks in April. Nathan went back to NY for 9 days in the middle but we still had a lot of fun.

The flight to and from Colorado was exhausting. Ava slept about 20 minutes each flight and Noah didn't sleep at all. They didn't "cry" per se but they fussed the entire time. Wanting new toys, not wanting to watch the portable DVD player, wanting more food, wanting less food, wanting our food, wanting something that we couldn't understand, wanting to touch the one thing in our row that I hadn't sanitized. You get the picture. Well, actually, you don't get a picture because I was way too tired to take any during the traveling affairs.

Once in Colorado, we hung out with family, saw a few friends, played in "munchkin land" (the baby proof zone at my parent's house), and helped my Grandma move to a new apartment with an amazing view. Overall it was a lot of fun and the kids adjusted very well considering how much it was different from our day to day activities here.

A throw back to my NYU graduation:
April 09 11 (3)

Ava catching up on some reading:
April 14 11 (10)

Our very own play land! Thanks Aunt Laura and Uncle Roy!
April 16 11 (55)

First haircuts:
April 23 11 (15)

April 23 11 (23)

My how they've grown... all 3 of them!
April 27 11 (42)

What do you mean I can't have a cookie?
April 14 11 (3)

Noah got some very important calls while we were there.
April 14 11 (8)

We will be starting bucket/basket lessons soon but apparently they weren't soon enough.
April 24 11 (2)

I don't even know what to say about this... other than that Ava put herself in the bucket!
April 16 11 (76)

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