Need for silliness

It's been a really tough week for our family so I wanted to post some happy pictures. Some of them are just ridiculous.

There are so many things that I thought were socialized into our gender identity and behavior... apparently this is not one of them! :) Nathan swears that he didn't put Noah's hand there.

February 22

When Laura and I were getting up to dating age, Dad had some sage wisdom for us: when a boy tries to talk to you, or look at you, or think about you, Plan A is the right finger in the right nostril, Plan B is the left finger in the left nostril, and if necessary, Plan C calls for both fingers in both nostrils. Those of you who have met Ava in person know that is a little bit of a flirt so I am happy to see that she is working on Plan A. Of course this also means that I had to clean bananas out of her nose as well as off her face but in the long run, I think it's worth it!

March 9

Ava loves playing dress up!

February 26

March 8 (11)

February 21 (22)

Noah loves reading, cleaning and being silly:

February 25 (11)

February 28 (7)

February 17 (2)

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  1. Pics of these two always make me smile, no matter what is going on! Thanks for all the great pics!