Here's some pictures of August & a couple of my favorites from the last week or so :). It was a fun months, our good friends Mike and Steph visited with their daughter Abby at the end of July and we got to visit the Madison Square Park a couple of times. Also, Nathan got a job offer in NYC that was a great opportunity, not just for our time in NY but also for helping him be more marketable when the job market picks up in Colorado... sooooo... he took it. It's really important to us that one of us stays home with the twins for the first couple of years so now that Nathan is going back to work, it's my turn to stay home with them! Starting in October I'll be staying home full time so if you know of any open apartments in the city, let us know :)

Picture 579

Picture 160


  1. Yah for new baby pics! My favorite has to be Nathan and Noah followed by Noah and Ava in the park sitting on the mat. :)

  2. the picture with the cheerio on Noahs butt...yea, that's going to be my new iPhone background

  3. Oh my goodness! The twins absolutely beautiful! I can't believe how big they are already. Thanks for posting the new pictures. We are bummed you aren't coming to Colorado yet, but totally understand the decision to stay in NY for now. You will love being home with the babies!