More pics we love

Noah & Ava are really growing fast. Ava is standing up and starting to try to climb things (her brother, us, her bumbo, anything she comes across). Noah is quite the little talker. He likes talking about the blah blahs and the hey yas.

Nap 019

Nap 065

Nap 078

Nap 093

Nap 109
(We caught Noah mid-sentance here)

Nap 116

Nap 122

Nap 123

Nap 142

Nap 279


  1. They pictures are all so cute, but I LOVE the one of Ava standing in her crib and looking at Noah in his. Too cute!

  2. Nathan just needs to get a shirt like Noah and you're all set!

  3. OK - you two just need to make more and more babies. I think they are the cutest ones I've ever seen. What little angels! It's so neat to "watch" them grow via your blog. Enjoy!